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Saturn runs rings around the world in 2022

After January 2023 the virus will become more of an ordinary flu, that is when Saturn’s transit into Aquarius becomes more stable,” said Bang

Brace yourself until 2021

Mahesh Bang once again predicted on May 17, 2020 that things will be back to normal in all aspects for the entire globe only from 21 November 2021, when the planet Jupiter will transit over Aquarius sign.  All the signs are showing this is where we are headed.

What the stars have in store for us: Astrologers tell all

The good news comes from astrologer Mahesh Bang who is based in South Africa. However, his phone does not stop ringing from clients in India.

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The show isn't over yet

At a time when the vaccines were already developed and the end seemed in sight, Mr Bang stated to everyone’s dismay “the show isn’t over yet” here he alluded to the ripple effect of the planetary alignments,  which led to the alarming rise in Covid-19 cases throughout the world. This brought his words to the spotlight.


Unraveling his predictions which were absolutely accurate where he predicted in an article on 21st june 2020, that on 20th November 2020 onwards there will be a second wave in the pandemic with partial lockdown restrictions worldwide, and this happened just as he predicted.

Bang's predictions on disasters

These lines caught global attention as unfortunately we saw the world at the very same time on global lockdown.

Mahesh Bang

Mahesh Bang is the most influential Astrologer of India.

He ranked as one of the Top 50 most influential personalities of India of the year 2020.

Covid-19 explained ASTROLOGICALLY

This article on 5th April 2020 very early in the rise of the pandemic, Mahesh Bang predicted that things will be back to normal in all aspects for the entire globe only after 21 November 2021, when the planet Jupiter will transit over Aquarius sign.

The current astrological scenario

Astrologer Mahesh Bang has predicted that the protest in America will settle within two weeks and there will be peace regarding this matter.  This after demonstrations erupted in cities across the US in response to the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, in the hands of police.

Bang's predictions come to forefront

WORLD renowned astrologer Mahesh Bang’s predictions are coming to the forefront.  He predicted that from November 20 onwards, Jupiter and Saturn would move closer to each other and would be situated together in one zodiac sign.  This alignment, which occurs after approximately 20 years, had a negative global impact and posed a danger, hence resulting in the second wave of Covid-19 in many countries.

Mahesh Bang in his predictions

ASTROLOGER Mahesh Bang was spot-on in his 2019 prediction that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would win the general election with a landslide victory.  He had predicted that at a time when many were anti-Modi because of the demonitisation of the Indian currency.

Bargains up for grabs in a tough year

“Since the US rules the world economy, its recession will affect everybody.”  According to astrologer Mahesh Bang.

Just as predicted this annual prediction shows yhe onset of a recession when the global economy was booming. This worldwide recession was the longest in history since world War 2. 

Here comes the boom

News Headlines of the much awaited economic boom following the recession . This year saw SA in the best phase after an all time low . This positive prediction infiltrated all businesses and industries, exactly as he predicted.

Prepare for a baby boom

Love is in the air for 2018.  It’s also the year of a predicted baby boom, happy families and smoother politics as the planets are expected to align and bring prosperity for South Africans.

This is according to acclaimed astrologer and Sunday Tribune Herald comumnist Mahesh Bang.


These early meetings were to bloom into a long friendship with the celebrity.

Mahesh foresaw quake

The recent earthquake that caused havoc in Pakistan and India, and claimed more than 40 000 lives, was predicted in April by Tribune Herald astrologer Mahesh Bang.

Saturn shakes SA

There will be a global financial crisis.  Gold, silver and oil prices will continue to fluctuate, while unrest, terrorism and global warming will increase this year.  The whole world will be in turmoil with the extent varying from one country to the next.

Not the end of the world

When many were saying that the world will end in 2012… Mahesh Bang disputed these claims and brought much calm to the panic.

Globally Recognized Accurate Predictions & Awards

One of Top 50 Indian Personalities

Mahesh Bang is the most influential Astrologer of India. He ranked as one of the Top 50 most influential personalities of India of the year 2020.

Mahesh Bang bags global award for Covid-19 vision


He accurately predicted and warned us of the onset of the pandemic in December 2019.


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