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The good news however comes from astrologer Mahesh Bang who is based in South Africa. However, his phone does not stop ringing from clients in India because he is among those who, along with New Delhi-based astrologer Ajai Bhambi, had said that coronavirus is here to stay through 2021 with a spillover for a few more months. This was when majority of the astrologers had said that India will see the end of the virus by July or latest September 2020.

Bhambi and Bang were the only ones who had rubbished these claims. In fact, Bhambi had in June 2020 gone as far as to say that even while one is itching to say goodbye to 2020 and bring in the New Year with hope and optimism, 2021 will have its adverse effect. Short of mentioning the word “second surge” Bhambi had predicted that the worst is yet to come. Ditto, Bang who had also said “brace yourself till the end of 2021”. This was when people were counting days for the “dreaded year” of 2020 to end.

According to Bang, between February 9 and February 11 this year six planets were placed in the sign of Capricorn: “According to India’s horoscope, these planets were present in the 9th house of the chart indicating a tough period. This is quite different from the rest of the world where, astrologically, the worst was until April 4,2021. The rest of the world has started to recover but not India where the adverse effects are continuing with unabated might”.
But all is not lost. Bang does predict “good news”. This adversity, he says, is a temporary phase and India will recover very fast: “The current chaos in India will continue till mid-June this year, with an overlap of a month for things to stabilise again. The fast recovery will be thanks to Rahu which is transiting through Taurus, which is a powerful house for India. In Vedic astrology, Rahu gives sudden shocks and quick recovery too: hence the second surge that happened in March and the expected recovery that will happen in June”, predicts Bang.
“Another contributing astrological factor” continues Bang, “that has led to the current situation based on India’s horoscope is the transit of Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. It takes approximately 30 years for Saturn to transit in this sign. Once that happens, this leads to chaos and crisis , fear and anxiety and more importantly unexpected and a marked increase in the number of deaths, which is exactly what India is currently facing. Rewind to 1962-63 when Indo-China war took place and 1992-93 when the Babri masjid was demolished and India was under similar stress and chaos. During the war hundreds died; the riots that followed the Babri masjid demolition saw gruesome killings and a large number of deaths. Even at that time the configuration of plants was similar with Saturn playing havoc because of its placement in Capricorn. However the stress and impact is much more this time because the astro- configuration is far more aggressive”.
Even while Bang predicts “good news” he does it with caution: “Saturn will remain in Capricorn until April 2022. It is not going anywhere. Therefore we cannot let our guard down”.
Worse still he says: “A third wave is not ruled out. The astrological third wave of this pandemic should occur globally between September 14 to November 20 this year. In India it could be delayed by a month and could occur towards the end of October this year. It will be a tough period both for the world and India too”.
In the interim period that is between June and October 2021, things would begin to look up: Come July through September this year, things will somewhat return to normal, even though the positive effects will start surfacing in mid-June”, says Bang.
As for the road ahead, Bang said “From what I can see, things will be better in all aspects for the entire Globe and we will overcome this Pandemic only after 21 November 2021. There will be a gradual improvement, when the planet Jupiter will transit over Aquarius sign.”
The period between May and July next year will be one of “global healing” predicts Bang: “On April 29,2021 , Saturn will move into Aquarius with Jupiter already placed in Pisces sign. Both these planets in these placements are considered very favourable for mankind in general, particularly India. This will usher in well-being and health. That is also the period when the best vaccine will be available for the world to benefit from. However, the effects of Covid-19 will be completely dormant by the year 2023: “The virus may remain but its power and form will change. It will cease to be lethal and remain as dormant as swine flu, chikungunya and dengue, says Bang.

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