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READERS have previously shared how they enjoyed Sharad Purnima night when they received blessings.

People of different race groups told how they were blessed because they performed the required rituals.

Sharad Purnima, which is known as the night to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul, will occur in South Africa on October 30. The full moon begins on October 30 at 2.15pm and will end on 4.48pm on October 31.

Astrologically, this is also the best opportunity for all those romantic at heart to stay awake with your beloved and enjoy a candle-lit dinner with the ambience that the moon radiates.

On October 30, the moon will be closest to Earth and at its brightest.

It is believed that when this occurs, the moon directs its divine rays on the Earth and with its full compliment of 16 kalas.

A special calmness, good cheer, serenity and eternal nourishing power is radiated by the moon.

Therefore, on this night, the moon showers nectar (Amrit) on human beings. Exposure to moonlight, at least until midnight, is encouraged during this period, to receive the “Amrit”.

Ritual, legends, religious and astrological significance and benefits of Sharad Purnima:

  • On the evening of October 30 prepare a kheer dish (made with rice, cow’s milk, sugar and dried fruit). It can be covered with a transparent net if necessary, and it must be exposed to moonlight.

Before sunrise the next day, or at midnight, offer the kheer dish first to your favourite deity, before it is distributed or eaten by your family.

  • Astrologically, this is called the “Night of Prosperity”. On this night, Mother Lakshmi is believed to visit places where people are awake and engaged in spiritual activity and she would reward them with wealth and prosperity.
  • Happiness (positive thoughts) and sorrow (negative thoughts) are all projections of the mind.

According to Vedic astrology, the mind is governed by the moon. If your ruling planet is the moon and has a weak presence in your horoscope, then observe the rituals and fast on this day to strengthen the moon’s presence. It will keep you calm and it will combat depression.

  • According to “Shrimad Bhagavatam”, Lord Krishna performed “Raas Leela” with his beloved gopis and Radha. The worship of Lord Krishna has special significance on this night.
  • Kartik is the most revered and holiest of months of the year, and the last month of “Chaturmas”. This month of fasting begins with Sharad Purnima. Any good deed performed in this month is multiplied exponentially.

Any acts of charity, chanting, performing of rituals like lighting diyas (lamps), worshipping Tulsi Devi and bathing before sunrise will draw much benefit.

  • In India, Lord Hanuman’s presence is felt strongly, especially in Salasar Dhaam temple, which is a three-hour drive from Jaipur.

There, a big festival happens between the day of the first Navrathri to Sharad Purnima, where a million people take darshan (to see the deity). Here, it is said that wishes are easily fulfilled.

  • Lord Murugan (Kartikeya), son of Lord Shiva, can be easily pleased on this night.
  • It is believed that the moon and the Earth are closer on Sharad Purnima night and it has been said that the moon’s beams have several curative properties at this time.

Exposing food to the moonlight nourishes both the body and the soul. Therefore, kheer is prepared and exposed to the moonlight at this time. In ayurvedic terms, the kheer has great benefits for asthmatic and psychiatric patients. It improves any disorder caused by “Pitta” dosha.

  • It’s an ancient belief that if a person threads a needle on this full-moon, their eyesight may improve. If possible, thread the needle a 108 times. It is a form of “Trataka” meditation/eye exercise.
  • It is advisable for pregnant women to drink coconut water that has been exposed to moon light.

If the woman looked at the moon, she would feel its tranquillity. It is also known to improve the baby’s skin glow, features and mental capacity.

  • People must engage in spiritual activities, meditation, sports or candle lit dinners, etc, and visualise the moon as often as they can during this period. The main purpose is to align ourselves with the cosmic pull and vibrations that is radiating from the moon. This is possible when our spine housing our chakras is upright and in an appropriate position for awakening and energising our kundalini.
  • It is advisable for a family to read the Shree Hanuman Chalisa 108 times on this night or as often as they can.
  • During this month of Karthik if one gets up early and consumes “Amla” (Indian gooseberry) daily then it keeps one youthful and keeps skin disorder away.

It is now easily available in spice shops. It is extremely beneficial as an amla ingredient is considered the backbone of Ayurveda.

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