Stay calm as the situation will improve - Mahesh Bang

THERE has been a number of requests from readers asking for my input from an astrological perspective on the outcome of the coronavirus. Many have a heightened sense of anxiety and have asked for ways to prevent and combat the spread, while others want to know when it would be a safe time to travel.

The basis of astrology is to view the influence planetary alignment have on human life.

I had already mentioned a year prior to the onset of this epidemic that it would begin around December 25, 26 and 27 last year when six major planets entered one zodiac sign, which is “some misfortune that would demand world attention”.

I understand naturally it has built up fear in the minds of many, but I advise all to stay calm as the situation will improve in the coming months.

Because of the digital world we are more aware of certain occurrences causing increased hype and fear.

No disease is caused by the influence of any one planet, but due to the combination of many other planets and the effects of zodiac signs.

The moon’s influence is purely involved in spreading this disease because the moon governs the ocean and water-related products.

Aside from this, Rahu-Ketu, two shadow planets are responsible for viral diseases and similar kinds of conditions are created if Mercury is affected by malefic planets.

The sun is the benefactor of sound health, a strong immune system and healing, and if its placement seems weak during the transit, then the chances of contracting such disease become increased.

Currently, Rahu is transiting in Gemini and aspecting Jupiter and Ketu which are situated in Sagittarius.

In this case, Jupiter’s effects are shadowed by Rahu, allowing Rahu to enable the spread.

Jupiter is heading towards Capricorn on March 28, and will remain there until June 30. This is when Jupiter becomes powerless.

Therefore, only travel during this time if dire circumstances are present. I suggest if possible delay your travel to July and after.

The following are the astrological, ayurvedic and ancient remedies to remain strong during infectious diseases:

  1. Have a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric in it every night. Astrologically, turmeric denotes the planet Jupiter, and doing this would empower this saintly planet more. It is also known for its ayurvedic antibiotic properties.
  2. Have 4 to 6 tulsi leaves every day with water. Please tear the leaves, form a small bundle and then swallow with water like you would a capsule, as tulsi should not be bitten into. By doing this the planet Mercury is strengthened. Mercury controls skin and surfaces, therefore it would astrologically make this tougher to penetrate. Also known for its immune build up ayurvedically.
  3. In the morning, before brushing your teeth, drink 2 glasses of warm water as this is known to improve your immune system if done regularly. Greater than 70% of our body and the Earth is made up of water and water is controlled by the moon. By beginning our day with water we are strengthening our lungs, as the moon affects lung and respiratory tracts.
  4. Burn a small bit of camphor every day, as it purifies the air. This removes any negativity. It is known to nullify the malefic effect of the planets.
  5. Make an effort to enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes in the morning before 8am. A good way to do this is to offer water to the rising sun (mentioned in my previous article) as the sunlight strengthens your entire body.

When offering, the sunlight splits into 7 rays of the rainbow, like a prism fragmenting a ray of light into 7 colours. When the person offering the water looks through that stream of flowing water, this dispersed light enters their body and balances the 7 chakras (energy centres) within the body.

The sun’s nutritious, rich rays removes physical, mental and spiritual weakness. It is known to make one healthy.

  1. Ragi flour is one of the most sought after forms of grains to improve one’s overall health. Try to acquire this from your spice shops and have as a roti, idli, etc 2 to 3 times a week. There are many recipes for this in India.
  2. Increase the intake of Indian gooseberry, that is Amla, in your diet, as this is very high in vitamin C and helps boost your immune system. An interesting way to have it is to mix the juice with honey, so you get the benefits of both combined.

Apart from these, you should follow the necessary remedies and steps to strengthen the planets mentioned, according to your own horoscope in order to reduce their malefic impact.

Perform yoga and exercise daily, so that your body becomes stronger and your immunity increases.

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