Saturn runs rings around the world in 2022 - Mahesh Bang

AFTER a year filled with unprecedented challenges, astrologers hope that lessons learned from 2021 will prepare everyone for the highs and lows of the year ahead.

According to herald resident astrologer Mahesh Bang, 2022 is divided into two distinct periods – a favourable season between April and July will be followed by months of chaos. The good news is that the chaotic period will be mild compared to 2020 and 2021. 

“To do an annual prediction, the transit of Saturn is of vital significance because of its slow revolving speed around the sun, hence it affects us the most and its impact is largely felt.

“This being said, Saturn remains in one zodiac sign for 30 months during certain times. Currently, in the cycle of this influential planet’s transit, Saturn has been in the star sign Capricorn from January 2020 and will continue until the end of April 2022.

“It will thereafter move into Aquarius until July 2022. However, Jupiter will also be in Pisces at the same time that Saturn moves, resulting in a striking beneficial shift in energy,” Bang said. 

He said the favourable months, from April to July, will be a time of massive breakthroughs in the world of medical science and technological advancement.

“We will see rapid movement in a positive direction and will start getting news that this pandemic is advancing towards an endemic phase. The deficiencies caused by the grittiness of the last two years, will see a sharp increase in recovery for many, be it businesses, finances, employment etc.

“The world will start taking shape again and see normality in these few months. On another positive note, Jupiter’s transit into Pisces will lead to many singles falling in love and increased fertility. The dent in our economy caused by the looting and unrest in July 2021 will make a quick recovery as our faith becomes replenished,” Bang said. 

 He urged caution from August to January 2023 when Saturn will again be in retrograde (moving backwards) to Capricorn, again finding many countries having to deal with Covid-19 related problems.

“If we rewind in history, astrologically, when Saturn previously transited in Capricorn, the world was also troubled with the havoc of World War II. Now again Saturn in the sign Capricorn resulted  in 2020 ( global rise in pandemic ) , in 2021 (peak of pandemic) and 2022 (resolution of the pandemic).

“After January 2023 the virus will become more of an ordinary flu, that is when Saturn’s transit into Aquarius becomes more stable,” said Bang. 

 He said 2022 would be a year of immense knowledge and information.

“It will get us out of our illusions and generate increased awareness regarding Covid-19. In 2022, the world will also see the onset of floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities to some extent.

“Global warming will become a rising concern in the coming years. Crime and corruption will continue to increase despite efforts to try to curb it. On the other hand, some individuals will seek a higher force and look inward towards spirituality,” he said. 

Bang claims the Omicron variant was not as potent as the other variants, thanks to the huge shift in energy that occurred on November 21,2021.

“The planets did not support or infuse power into this variant, making this virus less efficient in the compromise of an immune system, therefore we are experiencing a milder form and we will soon gain knowledge of how to exist and win over this situation.

“In 2022 , this virus won’t have control over us and our lifestyle. However, Covid-19, will still linger like a nail in the shoe,” Bang said. 

* Bang was awarded the World Record Star of 2020, from the UK, as he predicted the onset of the pandemic and warned of a worldwide disaster.
Sunday Tribune 

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