Planets are behind Harris, says Bang - Mahesh Bang

WORLD-RENOWNED astrologer Mahesh Bang has predicted that US vice-president-elect Kamala Harris (pictured) is set to become the country’s president in the next election.

Harris, 56, made history as the first female, first black and first Indian-American US vice-president, which Bang said was due to her unique horoscope.

“According to her birth chart, Saturn was situated in Aquarius. This is ideal for politics and brings wonder in one’s life, especially during their fifties and sixties. It also helps them manage and deal with any situation that may arise with ease and strength, this is a vital personality trait that leads one to great heights of success,” said Bang.

The Sunday Tribune columnist added that this placement in her horoscope propelled her to pursue a career as an attorney. “She is a purveyor of truth, justice and peace. She will not stop until she achieves her goals. She’s very open to growth and bringing people together.

“Her opinions are based on facts and truths. As a leader, she will be fair-minded, passionate and someone who wants to change for the betterment of the world through her actions,” he said.

Bang predicted that Harris would be presented with the opportunity to serve as the US president.

“From 2023 to 2028 the planet Saturn will transit in Aquarius and the Pisces astrological signs, respectively, this will lead to her most glorious phase where she will shine as a great world leader.”

“In the past when Saturn was in Capricorn at the end of 1990, she was hired as Deputy District Attorney in Alameda County, California and she went on to become District Attorney of San Francisco and Attorney General of California. Now again, Saturn is transiting in Capricorn after 30 years and she is becoming the vice-president.

“Having a powerful horoscope is one strength but the combination of what is currently in transit with the planets is another aspect, which has led to her sudden political and worldwide rise,” said Bang.

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