Mahesh Bang bags global award for Covid-19 vision - Mahesh Bang

CELEBRITY astrologer and Tribune Herald columnist Mahesh Bang received international acclaim for his prediction that foresaw a worldwide disaster which has come to be known as the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Durban-based astrologer was awarded the World Record STAR 2020 online certificate of recognition on Tuesday. He was also recognised for his worldwide motivation through his astrological expertise.

It was issued by Santosh Shukla, President of the World Record Publishing Company in the UK.

“Your efforts of being a silent warrior in Covid-19 is commendable,” says the certificate.

Bang said the award was dedicated to all those who supported him, from fans to friends and family.

“I am so humbled by this achievement but at the same time, I wish it was based on a happier prediction. But be that as it may, I truly believe that with prayer, perseverance, resilience and unity we will all overcome this pandemic.”

Bang attracted international attention shortly after the outbreak when his prediction made at a Tribune Herald High Tea event in December, began circulating.

His prediction warned of an unfavourable planetary transit configuration: “Around this time some occurrence will plant the seed for a worldwide negative incident in the coming year that will draw global attention.”

Bang said his research had led to an astrological equation which was present during war times, plagues and epidemics.

“I then predicted the nationwide lockdown intended to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the Sunday Tribune Herald’s February 3 edition. Throughout it all I have tried to motivate others through my videos and social media during this trying time.”

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