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Q: PLEASE tell me how my life and my health is going to be in the future. I have had so many obstacles because of black magic or families doing evil to me. There is no peace at home. I’m a strong devotee of Lord Shiva. I am planning to open my own business, will it be successful? Please advise whether it’s good to go ahead with my business plans.

A: As per your planetary alignment, you have the planets Venus, Sun and Mars in an exalted sign, therefore your future is very bright.

Generally, you will enjoy good health. Astrologically things will be good regarding finances after a year or two.

You did not say the nature of your business so I can’t tell you which business is suited for you.

According to your horoscope it doesn’t seem like anybody is doing black magic towards you. However, if you still feel there is negativity towards you and at your home, then do the following as much as possible.

Do not believe easily without any supernatural evidence. There is a fine line between a psychological problem, co-incidence and negative energy in the house.

The following are tips to give you an indication if your house may be haunted.

  1. If a member of the home falls ill and medical science and astrological charts cannot diagnose the problem.
  2. Hearing odd noises, especially at midnight when all windows are closed and there is no natural occurrence.
  3. Unexpected multiple spontaneous breaking of glass dishes and mirrors in the home.
  4. Visitors find it difficult and uncomfortable to visit the home for a long period.
  5. On new moon there is the hype of unexplained activity in the home.

If you have observed all of the above, then some negative energy is present in the home.

Do the following to try to rid your home of this by doing “Shudhikaran” (to purify the home).

  1. If these occurrences are observed by only one member of the home, one needs to first rule out a psychological problem.
  2. According to Vastu, you must allow maximum sunlight and ventilation. This energy lives in dark and still places.
  3. Every member of the house should be strictly vegetarian for the next 101 days. If the negative energy is very strong, then follow 251 days of vegetarianism.
  4. Try to avoid use of strong perfume at this time only: negative forces are attracted by smells.
  5. Keep your house more tidy, neat and clean. Get rid of junk. Your home should not be cluttered by things that you have not used for a couple of years.
  6. Replace any rusted metal, burnt or damage wood and broken mirror.
  7. Read the Sunderkand with full faith for the next 108 days continuously. Group reading will give you quicker results.
  8. Some member can also read Shree Hanuman-Chalisa 11 times every day. Read it loudly.
  9. You can also read Durga- Saptshati and the Ramayana during this time.
  10. You can read the Bhagavad Gita during this time. The person who is mostly affected should carry a pocket Bhagavad Gita or Hanuman Chalisa with them.
  11. Give up laziness and do prayer every day.
  12. Sprinkle the Ganges water in the house more often. Also keep cow urine and cow dung in the house.

Please note: To counteract negative forces you must increase spirituality. Anyone who does external prayer for the home will not be as effective as you can be if you perform all the above activities.

The above is the most powerful remedy, it only needs discipline, time and faith. You will kick out the negative energy easily without spending money. God Bless!

Q: I have been going through a tough time for the last four years, recently I lost my dad. I have a good job and recently purchased a property and have a nice car (as noted in your reading a while ago and was very happy with the reading). I am, however, struggling with my personal relationship. I wonder if I will ever get married and have children. Please help, I would really appreciate it.

A: Sorry about your loss. You will definitely get married. Do not think negatively about it. Astrologically, around age 36 you should be in a serious relationship, that is two years from now. If it doesn’t happen then the Ketu remedy you will have to follow intensely, as in your chart the planet Ketu is situated in the 7th house (house of spouse), it’s a planet of separation and may cause delays. From next year onwards you should tell your friends, family etc to introduce you to someone nice.

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