How to observe the Kavady - Mahesh Bang

DURING the auspicious time of Thai Poosam Kavady, if you worship Lord Kartikeya with full faith and devotion, then your righteous wishes will materialise easily. It is easy to please Lord Kartikeya and seek his blessings to make your dreams comes true. However, one needs determination and devotion. There are many ways to follow Kavady. The festival is observed by many throughout the world. One who puts emotion in all spiritual acts will receive many benefits and their realistic wishes are generally fulfilled rapidly. It is recommended that all who have faith and devotion in Lord Kartikeya observe the festival. Offering Kavadi to Lord Muruga is of great significance as it brings peace and good luck. Legend has it that Lord Shiva once asked Sage Agastya to carry two hillocks to South India. The sage carried the hillocks on a bamboo pole balanced across his shoulders for a few hours. He then asked his student, Idumban, to carry them. Idumban carried them for a while and then placed them at Palani in Tamil Nadu. When Idumban wanted to continue his journey, he could not move the hillocks. A boy appeared and claimed that the hillocks belonged to him. A fight ensued and Idumban soon realised that the boy was Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga was so moved by the determination and devotion of Idumban that he gave him a boon. Idumban asked that anyone who carried a Kavady to Lord Muruga’s temple with inner faith and devotion be granted their wishes. The Kavady that each devotee carries symbolises their burden, like the two hills carried by Idumban. It is believed that the burden in the life of a devotee who carries Kavadi is lessened by Lord Murugan. Taking Kavady to Murugan temples during Thai Pooosam festival is considered auspicious. Astrologically, yellow is associated with the planet Jupiter. The colour is also widely used during Kavady to please Lord Muruga. Jupiter is considered the main planet of prosperity. Astrologically, in your horoscope, if your planet Jupiter is weak, then by following one of the astro remedies you can strengthen this planet easily, by just planting a banana plant. While planting the tree one should be barefoot. You can plant it at your home, religious institution or in any garden. The planet is the main planet for finances and family well-being. It is important to note that one must not be disrespectful towards any religious organisation or faith or be unkind to learned or spiritual people, as this results in Jupiter affecting your astro chart negatively. Jupiter’s transit determines the year of marriage. The person who carries Kavady should observe certain austerities. The austerities start with food. All Kavady bearers should avoid non-vegetarian food, alcohol and other intoxicating objects. If it is within your limits and if health permits, then it is best to observe any spiritual fast without grain and to use only fasting salt. Limit the number of meals you eat. On that day, having milk, lots of fruit, plenty of water and anything with potato is ideal. This year is an unusual situation, so you can worship and visualise it in your mind.

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