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Q: My daughter-in-law is pregnant and we are very concerned about the effects of the eclipse. Please inform us on what should a pregnant lady do at this time? | RLB
A: Congratulations on your daughter-in-law’s pregnancy. To conceive a child and also to have a healthy pregnancy throughout, say the following mantra faithfully, in front of Baby Krishna’s picture. Chant Om Devkisut Govinda Vasudeva Jagatpate Dehi Mae Tanayam Krishna Twaham Sharanam Gatah. Pregnancy tips It is important for all around you to be understanding, especially those near to you. Any undue stress will affect the baby. It is necessary for your husband and mother-in-law to be sensitive to your pregnancy. Everything should be done for the ultimate health benefit of the baby. To ensure this pregnancy will result in a healthy, divine and happy child, a mother should try to do the following as much as possible: Beside your normal diet and your doctor’s advice, the following are also considered the best foods to eat during pregnancy, if your doctor allows.
1. Eat as much coconut as you can at any time during the day. According to ancient Indian beliefs, it makes the baby’s eyes beautiful and enhances other features. It also improves the complexion. It is best to have coconut water.
2. Eat a few sweet oranges, mandarins or naartjies everyday before sunset. This will help to give the baby a glowing skin.
3. Have an apple every day for all-round good health.
4. After lunch on sunny days, or especially in summer, have some grapes. It gives rosy cheeks and increases the haemoglobin.
5. Eat about 12 almonds every morning to improve the baby’s nervous system and mental capacity (IQ). These should be soaked overnight in water, then peeled and chewed. You can also grind the almonds and mix them with milk. The “almond-milk” will give overall good health to the baby.
6. Have two figs (soaked overnight in water) every day with your breakfast. It is very healthy.
7. Pistachios (5-7) and walnuts (2-4): The intake of these nuts in pregnancy is extremely healthy because they contain vitamin E and Omega 3, among others. This will help to make the baby strong.
8. Saunf (fennel seed): After having lunch and dinner, you can have a tablespoon of saunf. It improves digestion and improves skin colour.
9. Carrots (40%), spinach (40%) and beetroot (20%) should be juiced together and drank every day. This will give the baby a healthy body and good skin. It will also build a strong immune system. Do not eat or drink half an hour before and after having the juice.
10. Drink plenty of water every day for a healthy and happy baby.
A pregnant lady should avoid all types of stress. And always get sufficient sleep. Foods to avoid completely or greatly minimise:
1. Papaya: It is believed in the southern part of India that papaya often causes miscarriages.
2. Yoghurt: According to Ayurveda, this can be eaten only in summer for everyone. It must be avoided during winter, after sunset, in cloudy or rainy weather, because it generally causes a cough and cold for the mother and this is noticed in their children.
3. Tomato: According to Ayurveda the acid contained in tomatoes increases joint pains and contributes to pregnancy-related swelling.
4. In general, a pregnant lady should avoid all foods that are Ayurvedically considered extremely hot and cold, examples are, cloves and garlic (these are hot) or yoghurt (this is cold). Most important According to spiritual science, if pregnant women are more engaged in spiritual activities, then the baby becomes more spiritual later on in life and is able to deal with all that human life has to offer. Pregnancy is the most important time for the baby. During this time, babies listen, understand and grab knowledge very fast. It’s a new slate to build their positive emotions. That’s why according to Vedic culture, it is recommended to read the Ramayana and the Bhagavada Gita or any spiritual books, as per your religion, during pregnancy. You can even complete them during the full course of your pregnancy. Precautions to be taken on the eclipse
1. On the day of an eclipse, if it is visible in your city, stay at home and do more prayers, as harmful rays of the eclipse can affect the baby.
2. During the time of the eclipse, a pregnant woman should avoid touching metal objects as much as possible. Avoid using a nail clipper, razor blades, knife or scissors. Most importantly, they should not lock or unlock anything with a key for the entire duration of the eclipse which generally lasts for a few minutes to a couple of hours. According to Indian ancient belief, this can cause a cleft palate.
3. For greater protection of your baby during the eclipse, you must sit with a coconut on your lap and chant Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya or any other mantra of your choice. Chanting beads are not required. When the eclipse is over, keep the coconut aside and it should not be eaten.
4. I would advise that during an eclipse to not sleep if the eclipse occurs during the day. If the eclipse occurs at night, then keep a coconut nearby you while sleeping.
Do the following to have a healthy and blessed child. This is general advice to all women who plan on having children and also during pregnancy:
1. Both husband and wife must be stress-free before conception and be happy, and ask God to give them a healthy child with good qualities.
2. After conceiving, the wife must not carry any heavy objects, bags or packets etc.
3. She must not do any strenuous physical activity.
4. She must abstain from consum ing alcohol and smoking.
5. Most importantly, she must avoid any form of stress. Her priority during pregnancy will be the baby’s health in the womb. If a working mother, she must avoid stressful work and take her maximum maternity leave.
6. For the child to be optimistic and have a strong will, you must read books on motivation, willpower enhancement, positive mental attitude and self-confidence.
7. You must follow your doctor’s advice on prenatal care.
8. Do not sleep under a beam.
9. Sleep with your head facing south (feet pointing north). If not possible, then your head should face towards the east.
10. Increase your prayers and worship your favourite deity more often.
11. Keep a small baby knife (made of iron) in your bedroom to prevent miscarriages caused by the evil eye.
12. Keep a photo of Baby Krishna in your bedroom. When you get up your eyes will see Krishna’s photo for a few minutes.
13. During pregnancy, the mother must visualise the personality she wants her child to take on, for example, Krishna, Ram, Arjun, spiritual leader etc. These qualities will definitely show in the child’s character.
14. Avoid negative movies, soaps operas, music, conversation or pictures that are associated with violence, sorrow and sad moments.

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