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Q: I HAVE my driving licence but I am too afraid to drive alone. Please may I have advice as to when I should start driving. What colour of car should I buy or will it be lucky for me? Please tell me what my future looks like in terms of job, finance and personal life. Kindly advise if I will ever get married, when and if it will be with the guy of my choice. Thank you. | PN

A: According to your horoscope, next year after you turn 30, your luck will rise. Between your 30th and 32nd birthday, I foresee you having a good job, getting a promotion, an improvement in finances and success in your professional life. But on your personal side, the planet Saturn is delaying and causing obstacles in life. You will get married, but choosing a partner will be difficult for you. You will find your dream guy between your 30th to 33rd birthdays. For driving, try next year after taking proper lessons. Be cautious when driving. Build up your confidence level. Start driving gradually and observe the rules of the road strictly. Read the Shree Hanuman Chalisa every morning and evening. It will make you fearless. You can buy the car next year as soon as the planet Jupiter transits into Pisces from April 29 onwards. You can buy it after this date. Your lucky colours are black, blue and green. As per astro advice, you can buy these shades, but black will be best suited for you.

Lucky dates: 1,10,19, 28.

Lucky stone: emerald.

Lucky day: Friday.

Lucky colour: green.

Fasting day: Wednesday and Friday.

Favourite mantra: Om Shree Ganeshaya Namah.

Q: My partner and I would like to get married. Can we get married next year? Are we both compatible with each other? According to your astrological prediction, when would be a good time for us to conduct our marriage and please can you give us some tips on how to make our wedding cards auspicious? | HK

A: From May 2022 onwards your time for marriage will begin because the planet Jupiter will transit over the seventh house (house of the spouse) in your birth chart. According to “Parashar Jyotish”, whenever this occurs in one’s horoscope, if a couple are of marriage[1]able age, then this confirms their marriage. According to your birth chart, you will have a strong chance to get mar[1]ried between May 2022 and June 2023. I generally don’t do compatibility tests for couples who have known each other for quite a long time, and have already decided to marry. This is so as to not let the result of a compatibility test determine or interfere with the future of your relationship. I prefer to do compatibility tests when a relationship is young. I also would need consent from both parties. In your case, I can’t tell anything as you sent your birth details only. For those who follow Hinduism, make your wedding cards auspicious:

  1. The card must have a picture of Lord Ganesha, and any Ganesha mantra.
  2. It must have a swastika and Aum sign.
  3. It may also have a small picture of a banana plant (in a pair) and Kalash as a design or any other auspicious symbol or figure, according to Hinduism.
  4. The card must be one of the following colours: reddish, yellowish, sindoor, orange, pink, cream or beige.
  5. The first invitation must be addressed to Lord Ganesha and offered at the prayer place or the temple of Lord Ganesha.
  6. The second invitation must be addressed to your favourite deity.
  7. The first invitation must be written (name of person to invite) on a Wednesday which falls between the new moon and full moon or any other auspicious day, according to Hinduism.
  8. While writing the name on the wedding card, you must face east. It is best to use red ink. If it is printed by computer, still stick on card while facing east.
  9. The number of cards printed for the wedding should be an odd number and ending in 1. (For example 21, 51, 101, 111, 121, 151,201 …).
  10. If it is an e-card, then visit the Lord Ganesha temple (any temple where Lord Ganesha is situated) and narrate your card. Thereafter you can send the e-card to your friends and family.

Q: I hope this email finds you well. Please advise on the following: What does it cost for a detailed horoscope/ reading? Does this need to be done at your venue or can we do this via Zoom/ video call? Where are you based? Do you recommend prayers and mantras to be done to rectify any negativity or past karma? What details will you need from me? Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you soon. | SC

A: Currently, we are doing Zoom and video calls. Next year, we will start face-to-face reading. Our offices are in Phoenix Plaza and Chatsworth Centre. We are based in Durban. We provide astrological remedies that also include mantras, fasting etc. We need birth details, or if you don’t have birth details then we can do palmistry.

Please contact my offices at 083 659 2277 or 031 401 8888.

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