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Q: I HAVE been reading about Vastu online and I find it intriguing. I recently got married during lockdown and didn’t get a chance to follow all the rituals. Please could you share some vastu tips to improve married life. Thanks. MS

A: Vastu Shastra has become an integral aspect in planning everything. From building a home or office, to matters concerning money, health and married life, Vastu Shastra seems to be omnipresent. Why not? Seeing the ample benefits of the architectural practice, more and more people are following and reaping the fruits of it.Its origins have been found in the days of Ramayana, Mahabharata and in even Indus valley civilisation.The practice is imperial in bringing harmony between man and nature. Vastu for love: Marriage is a sacred institution and everyone longs for a happy and peaceful married life. However, now[1]adays the number of divorce cases have increased as a result of changing lifestyle and independent thinking. Believe it or not, one of the major causes of a hampered married life can be negligence of Vastu principles. Conflicts between couples and adjustment problems can arise due to the wrong placement of objects at home which are not in accordance with Vastu Shastra. To save a married life or to maintain a good married life it becomes essential for every spouse that he/she should make their living place Vastu compliant. Imbalance of any element of the cosmos can create disturbances leading to a hampered married life. It is necessary to keep these elements in balance to avoid obstructions in married life. For this aspect of love, and eternal bliss, our culture has bestowed us with the architectural practice of Vastu Shastra. Vastu ensures that the environment around becomes conducive for love and a happy married life. The bedroom is the most important place to instil faith and love in a marital knot. Hence, imbibing the rules of Vastu, in the bedroom is most important.

The following are tips to be followed to attain maximum prosperity in a relationship. Vastu tips for a blissful married life:

  1. The bedroom should always be in the south-west or north-west direction as this will spark love and understanding between partners. The other option would be south or westerly direction. If possible, the exact north east direction should be avoided for newly married couples. Regular shape (rectangle or square) of the bedroom is another feature to be followed.

2.The bed should be comfortable and of good quality.

3.The colour of the room should be of light shades and the room should be uncluttered for soothing the ambience and making it conducive for love. Dark colours such as black, dark brown, dark grey etc. must not be used on the bedroom walls.

  1. As per Vastu, the wife should sleep on the left side of the bed and the husband should sleep on the right. This will ensure a smooth and loving relationship.
  2. The colour red or elements with red should be added into the bedroom. The colour is the symbol of love and the colour will make sure that the relationship blossoms.
  3. The mattress on the bed should be one double or larger. This is impor[1]tant for instilling harmony and posi[1]tivity in a marital relationship.
  4. No electrical gadgets should find their way into your bedroom. Keep all of them outside the bedroom. It will give your husband and you some time to spend with each other. The electrical gadgets are known to increase tension and rifts between partners. If it is compulsory to have electrical gadgets, then keep them in your cupboard.
  5. The most important step in a relationship is communication and it can be achieved by simply keeping your bedroom illuminated. Keep your room well lit for flowing communication and unflinching love.
  6. The bedroom must be kept clean and un-cluttered from time to time.
  7. If your bed reflects in the mirror, then the mirror should be avoided in the bedroom. You can fix the mirror in the bedroom in such a way your bed doesn’t reflect in the mirror.
  8. Paintings that symbolise death, quarrels, violence or any negative aspect of life should be avoided.
  9. Do not ever sleep under a beam or cupboard as it causes unnecessary pressure and is detrimental in terms of health.
  10. One should constantly try to beautify their bedroom. One can keep the ornament of love-birds (in a pair) and picture of peacocks.
  11. The storage of the medicines should not be in your bedroom.
  12. A husband should give flowers to his wife more often. It will help to keep the spark in their married life and strengthen the planet Venus in their horoscope. In Vedic astrology Venus is considered the natural lord of love.
  13. Astrologically, if you follow Hinduism then the couple should fast on all Mondays in the month of Sawan.
  14. A special fast is also recommended only for married women. The Karwa Chauth fast is very important for a blessed marriage. The above are just a few Vastu tips to enhance your environment.
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