Bang - Indians will excel this decade - Mahesh Bang

INDIANS in South Africa are expected over the next decade to become wealthier and excel in business and professionally.

This is according to world renowned astrologer Mahesh Bang, who made the predictions according to Vedic astrology.

He said Indians would make the country proud in many fields.

But he also predicted there would be a darker side to the next decade, with divorces expected to increase, children rebelling against their parents and suicide among teenagers intensifying.

Bang said that to make an accurate prediction, Vedic astrology needed a date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. To predict the future of Indians in South Africa, he used November 17, 1860, the day Indians disembarked from the ship the Truro, which arrived in Durban from India. He used sunrise as the time of birth as according to astrology, if there is no specific time of birth, sunrise is taken as time of birth, and place of birth as Durban.

According to Bang’s calculation, when Indians first came to the country, they were under the very strong influence of the planet Saturn, by the following facts:

  1. The number of passengers were 341. If you add 3+4+1 = 8. The number eight represents the planet Saturn in astrology.
  2. The date 17, when they landed. If you add 1+7 = 8. Again we get the number eight which represents Saturn.
  3. When they disembarked, the day was Saturday, which is named after the planet Saturn. On a Saturday the planet Saturn is stronger than other days.
  4. They came to South Africa, the first letter being “S”. According to Vedic astrology, the letter “S” falls under the sign Aquarius. The lord of the Aquarius is the planet Saturn.
  5. Ships, anchor, workers, labourers and domestic workers all fall under the category of planet Saturn.
  6. Saturn was present in the tenth house in their astrological chart when they first put their foot on South African soil. It is very strong and well placed in this house because it is the house of profession.

As a result of Saturn being dominant, astrologically a person has to work very hard. One has to start his life from scratch. He or she has to go though extreme struggles in life by giving his or her sweat day and night only to receive bread and butter.

Initially indentured labourers faced great difficulties and struggled to make a living.

But Saturn also gives a very good result in the later stages of life. In Bang’s astrological research he always says Saturn is very beneficial to a person in their old age, if it is strong in the chart.

He has deduced from the above that Saturn was very strong when indentured labourers arrived.

Saturn has the power to turn a person from beggar to king. It moulds a person into 24ct gold after exposure to the heat, which equates to hard work.

According to astrological calculations, the fourth stage started after 120 years of the arrival of Indian.

In the 1980s life started to improve economically for Indians. In the 1990s it was much better, and from 2000 to 2020, life has generally improved drastically as Indians approach the peak of the last stage.

In the next decade, many Indians will become very rich, he predicts.

Currently you can see many Indians driving luxurious cars, living in affluent suburbs, becoming successful business people with a high turnover, says Bang.

This is as a result of a favourable Saturn. In almost all the professional fields, they are at the top.

He said the standard of living is also expected to increase rapidly.

“Around the end of the next decade, many Indians will make the world proud. Indians will spread their wings in most sectors and live a highly successful life. Their standard of living will advance. Professionally, the next 10 years are very good for Indians as they will continue to progress and be successful.”

Bang warned that Saturn was also aspecting the seventh house (the house of marriage), and in astrology wherever Saturn looks, it makes that house weaker.

“Due to this, the marriage bond is not as strong. In the last decade divorce rates were high and in the coming decade divorce among Indians will be at a peak. To newly married couples, my advice is to have patience and be more tolerant. Do not be egotistical. Always look at each other’s point of view. Have more empathy towards your life partner.

“Another major challenge facing the Indian community will be children. It is expected they will not listen to their parents and teenage suicide will increase. Spiritual knowledge will increase among middle aged and older people, as Saturn is the natural planet that advances one’s spirituality,” said Bang.

He emphasised that this was only a general prediction for Indians in South Africa.

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