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INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed astrologer and Sunday Tribune Herald columnist Mahesh Bang has predicted that the protests in America will settle within the next two weeks and there will be peace regarding this matter.

This after demonstrations erupted in cities across the US in response to the death of George

Floyd, an unarmed black man, at the hands of police.

In 2018 Bang predicted, according to America’s horoscope, that it will be in its worst time until next year and Covid-19 cases will increase rapidly.

Bang was recently recognised internationally for predicting the onset of the pandemic with which the world is still grappling.

According to his research, about every 20 years, whenever the two major planets Jupiter and Saturn come close to each other by being situated together in one zodiac sign, retrograde and less than 30 degrees to each other, this alignment has a negative global impact and poses a cloud of danger.

The three big, influential and densely populated countries – America, China and India – are negatively affected as per their horoscope.

Bang said there were negative forecasts for China pushing it into war or prejudice from other countries. 

In 1962 and 1963 when the same planets were aligned, there was the Indo-China war.  According to Bang’s calculation, the very same combination is on the verge of alignment, and the build-up is being seen with the India and China conflict and Hong Kong protests, which are causing difficulties for China.

The current India/China tension will not lead to war now, but from November 20 to April 4,

2021, when again these planets will be together, the probability increases astrologically and there will be peak tension between India and China or America and China.

This could lead to an economic war or a small war between India and China at the border, or something enigmatic.

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