Imran's testimonial on Mahesh Bang - Mahesh Bang

I first met Mahesh Bang while interviewing him for my TV show, Eastern Mosaic, which was broadcasting coverage of the 2005 Durban Diwali Festival at the time. I was the sort of person who usually made light fun of people who put their faith in pop-astrology and generic, one-size-fits-all print horoscopes, so I admit I playfully rolled my eyes during the part of our sit-down chat when Mahesh performed the obligatory reading to “predict” my future. No doubt sensing my dismissive attitude and deep scepticism, he changed tack and offered to tell me about events that had already transpired in my past instead. And since he had never met me before or had any knowledge of the milestone events in my personal life, I thought that if he managed to unambiguously pinpoint specific and unknowable chapters from my history, then that would be compelling evidence of his stargazing abilities. Palmtop computer in hand, Mahesh proceeded to precisely chart and recount events, relationships and happenings – down to the month and year – that only I could possibly have known about, which gave me a serious case of the goosebumps. In fact, his retrospective reading proved to be so eerily uncanny and intimate that I remember telling my crew to stop filming that part of the interview to avoid potential embarrassment! But the exchange that really made me sit up and pay attention to Mahesh’s foresight and intuition came many years later when, quite out of the blue, he reached out to me with some urgent unsolicited advice regarding “property” in the “Western Cape”. Unbeknownst to him I had, in fact, moved to the Western Cape and was about to invest in a house that I wasn’t entirely sold on, but one that had come closest to what my partner and I were looking for. Mahesh’s prescient advice was to wait till just before my next birthday for the ‘right’ home to come through which, given my doubts about the property I had earmarked, I decided to do. And exactly as he predicted, the offer to purchase our current home was accepted literally hours before my birthday later that year. Of course, there is a part of me that will probably always remain wary and agnostic about astrology, but there can be no denying that every single time I have ever consulted with Mahesh Bang, his forecasts have not only borne out but have also proven to be remarkably accurate in hindsight. Healthy scepticism and pragmatism aside, it’s hard to argue with that track record.

Imraan Vagar

Eastern Mosaic Presenter - a stylish perfectionist

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