Appreciation / Tributes / Testimonials - Mahesh Bang

“Mahesh Bang (Eastern Mosaic’s resident astrologer) has been most helpful and constructive with his uncanny insights over the years. I always keep an open mind – if something rings true , I pay attention.”……as quoted in Sutra Magazine

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Imraan Vagar

Eastern Mosaic presenter - A stylish perfectionist

“I met Mahesh Bang at the start of my career around 2000. It was inspirational and profound at the same time. He plotted my trajectory in fashion, my shows in Paris and so much more. Over twenty years later we have re-connected and his consultation has brought a renewed sense of purpose, direction for me and lifted my spirits. His understanding of people, situations and spirituality brings a multi-dimensional grasp of the individual he reads.A gamechanging experience.”

Gavin Rajah

Award-winning Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Event Producer & UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

My professional and personal association with Maheshji (Bang) began in 2003, when he came to SA. We began as astrologer/ client, close family friends and now associated through media and radio. A true friend who has guided me through my tribulations and triumphs! Our mutual admiration and respect for culture, Dharma and the desire to help others forms the foundation of our friendship. I am honoured to be considered a friend of such a selfless, inspiring and wise human being! Best Wishes..Shobha Mohangi

Shobha Mohangi

Popular presenter on Radio Hindvani, Hindvani FM

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